Please contact your Publisher Account Manager to obtain our latest iOS SDK

Installation Instructions:

  • Add “RevenueUniverseSDKKit.xcframework” to your Xcode project by dragging and dropping it.
  • Make sure you select the TARGET
  • Under your APP “Targets” click “General” tab. You should be seeing “RevenueUniverseSDKKit.framework” under the “Frameworks, Libraries and Embedded Content” section.
  • Select “Embed & Sign” SDK option from the dropdown
  • Build your target and make sure there is no error

Theme Options

  • SDK Theme_Light
  • SDKTheme_Dark
  • SDKTheme_RevenueUniverse (most popular!)

Objective-C Usage

  • Implement Header to your .h file

#import <RevenueUniverseSDKKit/RevenueUniverseSDKKit.h>


  • RevenueUniverseSDKConfig *cnf = [RevenueUniverseSDKConfig configWithAppID: {AppID} userId: {UserID} theme : {ThemeOption}}];

[RevenueUniverseSDK initializeSDKWithConfig:cnf] ;

Displaying SDK UI

  • [RevenueUniverse SDK instance] showSDK:{Parent view controller reference}}\];

Swift Usage:

  • Implement Header to your .swift file
  • import RevenueUniverseSDKKit


  • Let config = RevenueUniverseSDKConfig (appId: {AppID}}, userId: {UserID}, theme: {ThemeOption}})! RevenueUniverseSDK.intializeSDK(with: config)

Displaying SDK UI

  • RevenueUniverseSDK.instance().show({Parent view controller reference})

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