The Do’s and Don’ts of Maximizing Your Offerwall Revenue

If you’ve already integrated an offerwall into your gaming app – congratulations! You’re well on your way to earning additional income from your app. Now is a great time to learn how to maximize your current revenue stream. If you haven’t integrated an offerwall yet, there’s no better time to educate yourself on the do’s and don’ts of maximizing offerwall revenue so you can set yourself up for success and get the most out of your investment.

In this blog post, we’ll cover the primary do’s and don’ts you should be aware of when it comes to offerwalls. Knowing which missteps to avoid from the start can help you avoid pitfalls that can seriously stunt your revenue. You’ll also gain a better understanding of how to approach your offerwall strategy for maximum benefit to you and your players. Keep reading below to learn more.


The Do's of Maximizing Your Offerwall Revenue:


1. Do integrate multiple offerwalls

Many publishers integrate one offerwall without realizing the numerous benefits to be gained by integrating multiple offerwalls. The fact is, integrating multiple offerwalls gives you significantly more revenue potential. Our data shows that publishers who integrate the RevU offerwall alongside an existing offerwall typically see a revenue increase between 150-300%. This is because having multiple offerwalls give your players the opportunity to engage with a greater variety of offer types, which increases the likelihood of conversion.

With such an easy integration process, the level of time and effort required by developers is low. In fact, 90%+ of our publishers decide to integrate the RevU offerwall alongside an existing offerwall since the level of effort is low.

2. Do consider integration time when selecting providers

Integration time is a top concern for many publishers. It can be a challenge to prioritize the resources and time needed to integrate a new SDK. Not to mention that once the offerwall is integrated, developers often have to allocate additional time to perform maintenance whenever updates are made to the offerwall itself. Overall this process can be burdensome, time-consuming, and costly.

Fortunately, developers can reduce the burden of integration by choosing offerwall providers that have a simpler integration process. For example, RevU’s SDK-less integration can be completed in as little as a few hours. The integration is done via web link which makes it fast and easy to implement with no SDK to manage.

3. Do customize the offerwall to your brand by adding your currency icon.

Customizing the offerwall currency icons creates a seamless look and feel between the offerwall and your game. This seamless look and feel delivers a better user experience that makes players more likely to want to engage and complete offers.

4. Do announce to users that the offerwall is available. 

Another tactic for maximizing offerwall exposure and engagement is to make an official announcement of the new offerwall to players. Many publishers make this announcement through an in-app pop-up but you can also announce via email communication, newsletters, and any other methods you use to communicate with players. The key is to generate excitement around the availability of a new feature that can help players advance in the game.

5. Do select providers whose offerwalls have different geographic reach.

If your app has global reach but your offerwalls are only available in North America, you’re missing out on a valuable revenue opportunity. Expand your reach and broaden player access by choosing offerwalls that have broad global reach and whose territories don’t entirely overlap.

The RevU offerwall has extensive reach globally and is particularly strong in markets including:

  1. Canada
  2. UK
  3. Australia
  4. New Zealand
  5. Germany
  6. France
  7. Italy
  8. Russia
  9. Brazil
  10. Mexico
  11. Indonesia
  12. Thailand

6. Do take an active part in monetizing your offerwall

If you’re looking to kick your existing offerwall revenue into high gear, there are levers you can pull to ramp up your earnings. Some effective methods are:

  1. Showcase top offers on the homepage. By showcasing top offers, you increase exposure for the offerwall and its advertisers. Players become more familiar with the offerwall and the types of offers they can expect. It also incents them to engage when they see offers they like.
  2. Run currency sales. Currency sales are limited-time periods in which players can earn double points for completing an offer. These are a great way to entice players who are looking for ways to advance in the game.
  3. Run a contest. The RevU offerwall enables publishers to run a contest in which the top 100 users of the offerwall get a prize at the end of the month. This builds a sense of enthusiasm and competition that encourages more offerwall participation. One of RevU’s publishers, IMVU, ran a contest that contributed to a 323% lift in offerwall revenue over Memorial Day weekend. Currently, RevU is the only offerwall provider to enable contests.


The Don’ts of Maximizing Your Offerwall Revenue:


1. Don’t select offerwall providers with similar offer types

One common mistake many publishers make when integrating multiple offerwalls is selecting providers that only have one offer type, which in most cases is gaming offers (offers in which the player leaves the existing game to trial-run a new game). This is not ideal for a couple reasons:

  1. A single offer type is limiting. Some players may not be interested in gaming offers. If your only available offer type is gaming offers, you’ll lose out on conversions.
  2. Gaming offers cause player churn. When a player completes an offer to trial-run a new game, they may decide they like the new game more than their current one and stop playing. This causes a certain amount of player churn that can be detrimental to the publisher in the long run.

The best way to mitigate the problems above is to diversify your offerwall mix by choosing providers who have different types of offers. For example, you may integrate one offerwall that only features gaming offers and a second offerwall that features direct-to-consumer/branded offers and surveys. For example, RevU features 700+ advertisers from top brands including Hello Fresh, TransUnion, and Norton Antivirus as well as a wide variety of surveys that users can complete. These types of offers do not carry the same risk of player churn as gaming offers.

With more offer variety, players are more likely to find and complete offers that are relevant to them, which boosts player retention and satisfaction. Ultimately this leads to more money in your pocket.

2. Don’t enter exclusive partnerships

As discussed previously, there are significant benefits to integrating multiple offerwalls into your app. For this reason, you should be very hesitant to enter into any exclusive partnership that prevents you from integrating multiple offers. Doing so will significantly limit your monetization options and negatively impact your revenue.

3. Don’t leave properties under-monetized

It’s important to consider monetization across both desktop and mobile. Many publishers integrate an offerwall on mobile but don’t realize that they can also integrate an offerwall on desktop. A desktop offerwall provides an excellent opportunity to create a free version of a desktop game while still taking advantage of monetization opportunities. In the case of integrating the RevU offerwall, there is no additional cost to integrate on desktop if you’re already integrated on mobile.

4. Don’t make the offerwall difficult to access on your site

If the offerwall is buried on your site, players are going to have a hard time finding and engaging with it. Ensure that the offerwall is easy to find and accessible on your app for maximum exposure to users. The RevU offerwall API allows you to surface the top ten offers on your homepage so you can maximize exposure for the offerwall and advertisers.

5. Don’t forget to consider an iOS monetization strategy

Most offerwalls are not compatible with iOS and are heavily restricted in terms of the types of campaigns that can run. This is a loss for publishers who receive a large amount of player traffic on iOS. Having a strategy to monetize on iOS can help mitigate this revenue loss. For example, the RevU offerwall is iOS compatible, which makes it a great option as a solo or additional offerwall for publishers to have on their app.


Integrating one or multiple offerwalls is a great way to generate additional income for your desktop or mobile app. However, there are several do’s and don’ts to be aware of in order to maximize your revenue potential. From taking an active part in monetizing your offerwall, to diversifying your offer types, and avoiding exclusive partnerships, there are several areas you need to carefully navigate in order to maximize your revenue.

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